Spanking new Ceramic Pro showroom in Bangalore

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Indiranagar has a new fancy address .


If you are passing by CMH Road in Indiranagar and spot a fancy looking showroom with Exotic Automobiles on display , don’t get confused . Its not a showroom that sells these fancy machines but the machines are visiting for some pampering.

You are looking at Ceramic Pro . Bangalore’s new one stop shop for all the special treatment your vehicles require . Be it paint protection , paint correction , detailing etc..

Ceramic Nanotechnology Protective Coating for all Automotive Surfaces


In 2010 Nanoshine Ltd introduced Ceramic Pro – a series of products for the automotive, air and marine markets suited for surfaces such as paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber. What makes Ceramic Pro different is the cutting edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). The formula is world patented and it has taken ten years of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today. All formulas include SiO2.
All Ceramic Pro products have been tested by SGS, the world ‘s leading inspection, verification and certification entity. Ceramic Pro achieved the highest possible result in each test; no other automobile paint protection product to date has been officially tested. All products within the Ceramic Pro range have been tested and certified as non-toxic.


The Ceramic Pro range are formulated by a qualified chemist with a high level of experience in the industrial protective coating field, Ceramic Pro has been specifically formulated for Automotive substrates and is always undergoing extensive testing for new and improved versions to take the coating industry to new levels. Ceramic Pro are trusted by Carlsson, and also ecurie25 in Australia to protect their $8+ million dollar Exotic Supercar Collection. The Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Paint Protection coating is an “Above 9H” rated coating with superior Chemical Resistance, Super-Hydrophobic Effect, UV Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance. Ceramic Pro has been tested & certified by “SGS” – SGS are the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Ceramic Pro is not a paint protection, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating.

Hardness above 9H:The glass coat is above 9H on the Pencil test scale. This scale is used in the coating Industry to determine the clear coat or paints hardness, 9H is the highest on the scale. The coat will stay hard under the warranty period if maintained correctly.

Chemical Resistance :The coating has a 100% resistance against the damaging containments and harsh chemicals that a car can be exposed to. Since chemicals do not do anything to the coating, the car will stay protected.

Oxidation and corrosion resistant: Bare metal will oxidize and painted surfaces will not. Ceramic Pro 9h coating protects the paint and the metal from getting in contact with water and oxygen.

UV Protection: Silkoxid which is used in sun block is also used in Ceramic Pro’s products. The UV protecting keeps the paint, rubber and plastic from aging.

The superior high gloss from Ceramic Pro is not comparable to any other product on the market. It has to be seen in real life.

When you talk about surfaces being hydrophobic you often talk about the water contact angle of the surface. The higher angle the less dirt or liquid will attach to the surface. A drive in the rain will make the car look newly washed. This hydrophobic effect will last during the warranty period.

Ceramic Pro and its Manufacturer Nanoshine Ltd are changing the dynamics of the coating industry. The Company has for years worked on industrial multifunctional protective coatings for all surfaces and strives to continuously improve their products.

With over 650 Ceramic Pro Center and over 2.000.000 Vehicles protected by Ceramic Pro worldwide.

Contact them and give your super machines the treatment they deserve

Ceramic Pro : +919538995445

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Aston Martin DB11 India Debut

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Bangalore, October 2016: From the Press release

Aston Martin Mumbai is presenting the all-new DB11 for the first time in India with an exclusive road show across the country. Automotive enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs will have the chance to experience first-hand the bold new figurehead of the illustrious ‘DB’ bloodline, was showcased in Mumbai from 8th-9th Oct, Pune from 10th-11th Oct, Goa on 13th Oct, Bangalore from 16th-17thOct, Chennai from 19th-20th Oct and lastly Hyderabad from 23rd-24th Oct.

The unveiling of the DB11 at the 86th International Geneva Motor Show earlier in the year marked a new chapter in Aston Martin’s history. The first product launched under the company’s ‘Second Century’ plan, DB11 is an authentic, dynamic sporting GT in the finest Aston Martin tradition – and has made waves across the industry since its worldwide preview.

The DB11 showcases a fresh and distinctive design language, pioneering aerodynamics and is powered by a potent new in-house designed 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine. Built upon a new lighter, stronger, and more space efficient bonded aluminium structure, DB11 is the most powerful, most efficient and most dynamically gifted DB model in Aston Martin’s history. As such, it is the most significant new Aston Martin since the introduction of the DB9 in 2003.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Andy Palmer said: “We aspire to make the most beautiful cars in the world.  DB11 is the absolute embodiment of what an Aston Martin should be and we have worked tirelessly to ensure that DB11 combines both exceptional design with the latest technology throughout. A brand new bonded aluminium platform, clever aerodynamics, a new characterful twin-turbo V12 and class-leading infotainment systems are just a few aspects which make this the sports car that will proudly spearhead Aston Martin’s second century plan.”

Commenting on the launch of the Aston Martin DB11 in India, Mr. Lalit Choudary, Managing Director, Infinity Cars said, “The Aston Martin DB11 is a fine balance of beauty and performance; it is not just a new Aston Martin, but a revolutionary force that marks the beginning of a whole new chapter at the company. With superior design aesthetics matched with pioneering technology and innovative aerodynamics, the DB11 is also the most powerful Aston to wear a DB badge. We at Aston Martin Mumbai are proud to showcase this powerhouse to our discerning clientele in India.”


Heralding a new design era for Aston Martin, DB11 is the latest landmark in a remarkable aesthetic journey; one that gave us icons such as the DB2/4, DB5 and, most recently, the DB10 developed specifically for James Bond. DB11 re-imagines the relationship between form and function with a series of fresh design signatures. Foremost amongst these are the front-hinging clamshell bonnet, distinctive LED headlights and accentuated lines of the iconic Aston Martin grille. The profile is equally dramatic, thanks to the roof strakes that flow uninterrupted from A-pillar to C-pillar. The clean lines continue at the rear, with a sloping decklid that smoothly blends into boldly sculpted tail-lights to create a new and unmistakable graphic.

Innovative aerodynamics play their part in this aesthetic revolution with clever management of airflow both over and through the bodywork aiding stability while preserving the DB11’s uncluttered surfaces. Front-end lift is reduced by the gill-like Curlicue which releases high-pressure air from inside the wheel arch via a concealed vent within the redesigned side-strake. Meanwhile, rear-end lift is reduced by the Aston Martin AeroBladeTM; a virtual spoiler fed by discreet air intakes located at the base of each C-pillar. Air is ducted through the bodywork, before venting as a jet of air from the aperture in the rear decklid.

Like every Aston Martin, the heart of the DB11 is found beneath the bonnet, though unlike any Aston Martin before it, the DB11’s heart is a 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12. Designed in-house this new engine develops 608PS1 (600BHP1) and 700Nm1 of torque, making DB11 the most powerful production DB model ever. Naturally, it’s the most dynamic and most accelerative too, with a top speed of 200mph1 and a 0-62mph time of just 3.9sec1. Thanks to intelligent bank activation and stop-start technology that potency is matched by greatly improved efficiency.

To exploit the advantages of its new body structure and harness the immense performance of the new twin-turbo V12 engine, the DB11’s chassis, suspension, steering and electronics have been re-imagined  and key new technologies embraced. Multiple driver-selectable dynamic modes – GT, Sport and Sport Plus – progressively intensify the response of the engine, 8-speed automatic ZF transmission together with the new electric power steering and Torque Vectoring by braking while increasing the firmness of the adaptive damping for a greater sense of agility. The result is a driving experience that combines exemplary ride comfort and true sports car agility, for an extraordinary breadth of dynamic capability.

As a true 21st century Aston Martin the DB11 combines the very latest technology developed in conjunction with technical partner, Daimler, with the finest quality and hand craftsmanship. Using a full-colour 12” TFT LCD display, the all-new instrument cluster presents primary vehicle information with absolute clarity, while a second, centrally-mounted 8” TFT screen is dedicated to infotainment. Controlled via an intuitive rotary control, with an optional touchpad offering character recognition, multi-touch and gesture support, the new satellite navigation and audio system have never been more effective, sounded better or been easier to operate. A newly implemented auto-park assist feature and 360-degree birds-eye view camera helps provide safe maneuvering at slow speeds and is also operated via the car’s infotainment system.

With wider door apertures, significantly increased occupant space – especially head and legroom in the rear – fully integrated rear ISOFIX mounting points for a pair of child seats plus a luggage compartment large enough to accommodate two large holdalls plus carry-on baggage, the DB11 is a genuine Grand Tourer. Thanks to an inspiring palette of colours and a vast array of detailing options, its interior can be perfectly in-tune with your unique personal style. From calming, carefully co-ordinated tones to sharp contrasts in hue and texture, your choices are virtually limitless. Nexus quilting and Celestial perforation add layers of beautiful complexity and intrigue, while ornate leatherwork, such as intricate brogue detailing, creates areas of visual and tactile delight.

Dr Andy Palmer said: “This is not only the most important car that Aston Martin has launched in recent history, but also in its 103-year existence. The DB11 rightfully places Aston Martin once again as a leading brand in the luxury automotive market.”

First deliveries of the DB11 car are scheduled to begin during the fourth quarter of 2016.

Rich Bangalore Lifestyle : Lamborghini Brunch Drive 2016

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Lamborghini Bengaluru organized a brunch drive for their customers on October 2nd . The schedule involved meeting up at the showroom in the morning and driving down together to Zion Hills Golf county in Kolar with one pit stop at Narsapura Cafe Coffee Day.

The turn out was amazing with 18 Lamborghinis showing up . The event was very well planned and executed without any confusion . There were even flaggers at important junctions directing the convoy in the right direction .

Hats off to Lamborghini Bengaluru for pulling off such an amazing event .


B.E.S.T : Bangalore Exotic Superbikes Team

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For most people getting on a bike means struggling through traffic , bad roads , pollution and an unpleasant journey between home and office . But there are some who beat all odds and make riding their passion .

Meet B.E.S.T : Bangalore Exotic Superbikes Team

B.E.S.T is a group of young , enthusiastic and passionate riders who head out to different destinations around Bangalore every weekend to fuel their passion.

I caught up with the team members this morning over breakfast and had a good chat with them. The topic of discussion was obviously ‘Automobiles’ 😉

The group was formed by Naveen Gowda , Kuldeep Ambur and Varun Vijan. However in the group they are all more like brothers than friends.

This is what the founder member Naveen Gowda had to say :

“We at B.E.S.T are a group of 50 odd members who ride together regularly. The idea is to get like minded people on board and experience the best motorcycling rides together.

Our favorite spots to ride include :  Hotel Swathi on Hassan Road , Adigas Hotel on Kolar road , Bhagepalli Karnataka border etc.

Even though we are over 50 members , we have no leaders. We are all like one big happy family  . We have bikes like Suzuki Hayabusas , Yamaha R1s , Triumph Daytonas , Ducatis , Honda CBRs etc.

I ride a Suzuki Hayabusa . I always wanted the speed of god so I chose the Hayabusa.

It is very comfortable to ride and at the same time it does rocketing speeds in no time. Just like I love it ”

B.E.S.T is one among many riding groups based in Bangalore .

Good to see people share their experiences with each other . Such groups are on a rise and all we would like to say is ‘Once a rider , always a rider’

Ride safe and keep fueling your passion.

Here are a few pictures and videos from B.E.S.T’s outing this morning.


Watch the videos here :






Independence day ride to Nandi Hills

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It was Independence day yesterday and a lot of bikers headed to Nandi hills to celebrate together and to show our gratitude towards the freedom fighters who fought for our country’s Independence.

We also heard that a record was being set for the Limca book of records for the most number of bikes gathering in one place. I’m sure that record was achieved as there were bikers from all groups. KTM group , Pulsar group and so on. We were a group of 4-5 bikes.

The bikes included Suzuki GSXR1000 , Harley Davidson , Yamaha R6 , Aprilia RSV4 and the big daddy : The Honda Goldwing.

The Goldwing overshadowed the other bikes in the group . The crowds went crazy seeing the Goldwing and wanted to have a closer look. The goldwing comes with a music player and a reverse gear, dam its still a two wheeler and that’s the beauty of it. We played Vande Mataram soundtrack by A.R Rahman in the Goldwing and the crowd sure loved it.

Here are a few pictures from the ride and a video clip before we got to the crowds with the soundtrack playing in the Goldwing.

Cheers !


11143701_805318709567028_6302380584381857618_o DSC_2659 DSC_2655 DSC_2654 DSC_2650 DSC_2643 DSC_2637

These Images will change the way you have looked at Supercars all this while

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Have you ever wondered how a Supercar would look from a bird’s eye view ?

Well have a look, I’ve done just that.

Here are a few aerial shots of Supercars .

_MG_0192 _MG_4946 _MG_8995 DSC_0059 DSC_0212 DSC_0507 IMG_4759 IMG_8379 IMG_9604 Picture 1022

The Mega Mercedes launched in India : The S63 AMG

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Mercedes-Benz India launched the Mercedes S63 AMG at 2.53Cr ex-showroom Bengaluru.

I was very fortunate to be invited for the launch of the new W222 S63AMG in India. I would like to thank Mercedes-India and Mercedes-Benz Bengaluru for inviting me for the nationwide launch. Star of the show the S63AMG was neatly dressed in white and looked stunning .

About the car :

The S63 AMG comes with a 5.5 Litre V8 Twin-turbo engine producing about 557HP .

The 0-100Kmph time on this is about 3,9s which is extremely quick for a car that size.

It was a great evening hosted by Mercedes-Benz at the AMG Centre here in Bengaluru.

The other stunning cars present at the AMG Centre were : G63 AMGs , E63AMG , GL63 AMG , GLA45 AMG and of course the star of the evening the S63 AMG.

Now for some pictures.