An Audi R8 V10 owner shares his experience with us.

I had a few quick questions in mind for a friend of mine who owns an Audi R8 V10.

The answers I got were very interesting 🙂


Q:Has your love for Supercars been a lifelong one? What was that ‘reason’ that got you to go ahead and buy one ?
A: Yes very much ! I was day dreaming about Supercars

Q:When do you take your car out for a drive?
A:Sunday mornings usually , can’t drive pretty much the whole week.

Q:What’s the biggest thrill about owning the car?
A: The driving experience , the looks , thrilling speed , the exhaust note and the scream of the car.

Q:What does it take to maintain these cars in Bangalore keeping the road conditions here in mind
A:Annually if you do around 10,000Kms without taking it to the race track it will cost 5 Lakhs approx.

Q: How is the after sales ? what are the key problems ?
A:Audi R8 service is not an issue , routine parts are not a problem. If something major goes wrong like an accident then its a problem as the dealer has to get the parts from Germany , claiming insurance is a nightmare , strictly speaking we can’t drive Supercars in India much, but it is the love for the machine that we take the risk and drive them occasionally.

Q:You must be used to people taking pictures of your car when you go out on a drive. How do you feel ?
A: yes it feels good that people appreciate it 🙂

Q:Also, have you had people asking you strange questions, What’s been the funniest/ craziest reaction you have got from people?
A: Yes , generally people from the city never ask any questions but when we go out for Sunday morning drives to the outskirts they ask very strange questions like is it an altered car ? what’s the mileage ? for this much cost we can buy 10 trucks. hahaha.

Q:Would you consider buying another super car? If yes, what do you want to buy?
A: yes when I can afford one it will be a Lamborghini or a Ferrari


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