From Japanese , German to Italian . This guy has owned them all.

Another Sunday read for you guys 🙂

Owner: Anil Shroff


Manish Asrani: What all cars/bikes have u owned ?
Anil Shroff : Cars I have owned a Toyota Supra , Nissan 350z,  Jaguar XFS and a Porsche 911 Carrera S
Bikes I have owned a few in the recent past like the Honda 600RR limited edition,  2008 Yamaha R1,  Gsxr 1000 K8, a Suzuki Hayabusa and I also bought a junk 2003 Yamaha R1 and built it up to a rocket on two wheels (That thing was damn quick). Then I also owned a 2012 Yamaha R1, a couple of BMW S1000RRs and finally I landed up with a Ducati Diavel full carbon edition

Manish.Asrani : Wow that’s a long list of automobiles , any particular favorite ?
Anil Shroff: The most special.. Hmmm it’s hard to choose because what ever I have owned have had their own charm. It would be a little hard for me to short list but since u insist , In cars my Porsche 911 Careera S has been really special as u have seen and noticed how I did it up and plus it’s a driver friendly car can take it to work everyday and can drive it in any weather conditions…. The German poker face is very close to my heart.

Among the bikes I have had the 2003 Yamaha R1 is one my all time favourites as I built and speced it up myself . Along with the R1 one more bike which I loved the most was BMW S1000RR. It is a mean mad and crazy machine 😉

Manish Asrani: Yep I remember that 911  , had some tasteful mods on it . List some of the mods you did to your Carrera S and the rocket 2003 Yamaha R1 as you call it.
Anil Shroff : Mods on the Porsche 911 Carrera S :
Speed art exhaust
Porsche Gt3 body kit
Vortsitner limited edition wing
Facelift to 2012
Aftermarket tail lights and headlights
Bmc filters
BBS wide wheels
Carbon hood
And carbon side mirror protectors

Anil Shroff : Mods on my 2003 R1
Ported head
Forged Pistons
Power commander
Aftermarket Exhaust
Racing foot pegs
Bigger size sprockets
Flower break petals
Brembo carbon ceramic break pads
Bleded break lines
Double Buble
Toby steering damper
and many more 😀

Manish Asrani: You sure love your mean machines 🙂 Since you have owned bikes n cars both. What one do u like doing more ? Riding or driving and why ?
Anil Shroff : I love both 😀 My life revolves around them 🙂
Driving is nice , more relaxing, safe, calm and peaceful.

Riding is fun, crazy and feeling the G-Force is a very different feeling

Manish Asrani: Tell us something about the Japanese sprinters you have owned. The Supra and 350Z. They must have been drift kings 😀
Anil Shroff: Japanese cars have been special, they hardly have any electronics ,  they have thought me a lot… Very strongly built .  they won’t crack and break down easily…. These cars have thought me how to drive them the way they are supposed to be driven. I have learnt to handle power through them. And about drifts , Oh absolutely they don’t need a chance to tail out and it’s fun to throw the tail at every turn and carry it on side ways 😉
I could drive and handle the Porsche because of my experience with these Japanese cars.

Manish Asrani: When do you use them ? With work schedule ,  pulling out time for these machines must be difficult .
Anil Shroff: I drive more or less at night so it’s peaceful and you have to make time for it as schedules are always tight and busy.
Manish.Asrani :  Tell us  about your best friend’s Aventador and  how u landed at your wedding in it how was that experience 😀
Anil Shroff : That’s the craziest Aventador with DMC Wing , Capristo exhaust , WrapStyle wrapped and more ..It was nice and fun to land at my wedding in a bull rather than a horse ! Hahaha

Manish.Asrani: And last which car would you like to buy next ?

Anil Shroff: That’s a tough question,  Till now I have had the best cars in their category so it’s a very difficult call to take now and there are a lot of new cars coming in so will wait and then take a call. You will surely be updated 😉


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