Independence day ride to Nandi Hills

It was Independence day yesterday and a lot of bikers headed to Nandi hills to celebrate together and to show our gratitude towards the freedom fighters who fought for our country’s Independence.

We also heard that a record was being set for the Limca book of records for the most number of bikes gathering in one place. I’m sure that record was achieved as there were bikers from all groups. KTM group , Pulsar group and so on. We were a group of 4-5 bikes.

The bikes included Suzuki GSXR1000 , Harley Davidson , Yamaha R6 , Aprilia RSV4 and the big daddy : The Honda Goldwing.

The Goldwing overshadowed the other bikes in the group . The crowds went crazy seeing the Goldwing and wanted to have a closer look. The goldwing comes with a music player and a reverse gear, dam its still a two wheeler and that’s the beauty of it. We played Vande Mataram soundtrack by A.R Rahman in the Goldwing and the crowd sure loved it.

Here are a few pictures from the ride and a video clip before we got to the crowds with the soundtrack playing in the Goldwing.

Cheers !


11143701_805318709567028_6302380584381857618_o DSC_2659 DSC_2655 DSC_2654 DSC_2650 DSC_2643 DSC_2637


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