B.E.S.T : Bangalore Exotic Superbikes Team

For most people getting on a bike means struggling through traffic , bad roads , pollution and an unpleasant journey between home and office . But there are some who beat all odds and make riding their passion .

Meet B.E.S.T : Bangalore Exotic Superbikes Team

B.E.S.T is a group of young , enthusiastic and passionate riders who head out to different destinations around Bangalore every weekend to fuel their passion.

I caught up with the team members this morning over breakfast and had a good chat with them. The topic of discussion was obviously ‘Automobiles’ đŸ˜‰

The group was formed by Naveen Gowda , Kuldeep Ambur and Varun Vijan. However in the group they are all more like brothers than friends.

This is what the founder member Naveen Gowda had to say :

“We at B.E.S.T are a group of 50 odd members who ride together regularly. The idea is to get like minded people on board and experience the best motorcycling rides together.

Our favorite spots to ride include :  Hotel Swathi on Hassan Road , Adigas Hotel on Kolar road , Bhagepalli Karnataka border etc.

Even though we are over 50 members , we have no leaders. We are all like one big happy family  . We have bikes like Suzuki Hayabusas , Yamaha R1s , Triumph Daytonas , Ducatis , Honda CBRs etc.

I ride a Suzuki Hayabusa . I always wanted the speed of god so I chose the Hayabusa.

It is very comfortable to ride and at the same time it does rocketing speeds in no time. Just like I love it ”

B.E.S.T is one among many riding groups based in Bangalore .

Good to see people share their experiences with each other . Such groups are on a rise and all we would like to say is ‘Once a rider , always a rider’

Ride safe and keep fueling your passion.

Here are a few pictures and videos from B.E.S.T’s outing this morning.


Watch the videos here :







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